Jeremy Wood Designed Interiors is an authorised Quooker dealer.  At our Wetherby showroom, we have on display the new Quooker Flex tap as well  as the Quooker Square Fusion boiling hot water tap. Call in to see firsthand the quick and easy use of this innovative combined mixer and boiling water tap. In addition Jeremy Wood Designed Interiors has various ex-display items for sale.

The Quooker Fusion boiling hot water tap is simple and safe to use and will always give instant access to 1000c boiling water.  Perfect for blanching vegetables, heating up plates or making that perfect cup of tea.  The Quooker Fusion safety features include its double push childproof handle and insulated sides. The water is boiling, but the flow is an aerated spray, minimising the risk of injury.

In the words of Quooker “Every now and then a ‘vital’ new appliance comes along which changes the face of cooking. The Quooker boiling hot water tap is one of those rare ‘must haves’.

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