“The greatest luxury of all is to savour the good things of life”.

Jeremy Wood Designed Interiors of Wetherby is an authorised Sub-Zero dealer; the refrigeration specialist. In addition Jeremy Wood Designed Interiors has many ex-display items for sale.

Innovators in preservation, Sub-Zero is more than just refrigeration. From cutting-edge fridges and freezers that lead the way in keeping food fresh for longer to saving valuable energy. Choose from either a built in refrigerator using our bespoke kitchen cabinetry, or the classic Sub-Zero stainless steel door. Jeremy Wood Designed Interiors are masters of incorporating these outstanding appliances into the perfect room to meet your needs.

Sub-Zero refrigeration is based on NASA technology.  According to Sub- Zero owners, this system means food can keep fresh for up to 20% longer. Sub-Zero thinks about refrigeration in entirely new ways. Sub-Zero has a reputation for delivering appliances with no compromises.

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