Large Village Home

‘Thanks to each and every one of you for the smooth installation of our beautiful new kitchen.  We are delighted’

We were delighted when the homeowners decided to entrust their new kitchen with the team at Jeremy Wood Designed Interiors.

After several meetings with Jeremy, the homeowners were thrilled when we presented them with visuals of their new kitchen, which incorporated all the design features, and appliances they had hoped for in their new larger, open plan living kitchen.

We had a great starting point, as our clients had originally fallen in love with our showroom Jeremy Wood ‘Shaker’ style kitchen, when they visited us in Wetherby.  However, as with all our designs, we wanted to deliver a truly bespoke room for our clients, which was going to work for them as a growing family.

Placing the main cooking area on the island, allowed for members of the family, or friends to maintain conversations between those working in the kitchen, and those relaxing elsewhere in the room.

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